What is Restaurant Deals and Discounts?

A flexible restaurant marketing strategy that gives you complete control over the specials you offer, and when you offer them. The Restaurant Deals and Discount app utilises the power of mobile technology, social networking and traffic reporting, making your restaurant’s offer irresistible to customers looking for reliable food, service and value.

I already offer specials and discounts – do I really need another one?

Restaurant Deals and Discounts gives you complete flexibility over your offer. If you have a special that works well now, the RDD app will simply get it in front of even more people. If however you are still experiencing some slower days or times, you can design an offer to suit.

How does Restaurant Deals and Discounts work?

It couldn’t be easier. Once they have downloaded the FREE app, customers can search for restaurants based on one or more factors: location, time, day, and cuisine.

They can then access the details of current offers and specials, as well as feedback from other customers.

What’s wrong with the discount vouchers I’ve offered in the past?

If they’ve worked for you, that’s great. Vouchers are certainly a straightforward way of discounting.

The disadvantages?

  1. 1.Customers have to remember to bring them (their iphone is rarely forgotten!)
  2. 2.Can either be valid anytime (giving away big discounts during your peak trading times is insane!) or have a string of terms and conditions attached to them (customers hate fine print!)
  3. 3.Difficult to change quickly
  4. 4.Manual tracking and measuring

What promotions work best?

Whatever is easy for you to work out when processing the bill!

Seriously, you could try any number of offers:

  1. 1. A complimentary item with purchase such as “A free coffee with cake” or “Complimentary garlic bread with any main course pasta”. The key is offering a “high-perceived-value” (low cost) item in conjunction with a big-margin item
  2. 2.Bundles – you possibly do these already! Many restaurants offer express lunch specials, for example, “Two Courses and a glass of wine – $38”. This increases your average spend per table, while providing an incentive for the customer.
  3. 3.Percentage off…”25% off the total bill to a maximum of $25”
  4. 4.Dollars off…”$10 off any purchase of $50 or more”. This tends to be particularly successful because it requires a minimum spend in order to gain the saving.
  5. 5.Seasonal specials, for example Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Festival Events
  6. 6.Local nights – again, if you already do a Parma Night, a Steak Night and/or a$10 Sunday Roast, this is your golden moment to get it out there!
  7. 7.Priority Seating on busy nights or “VIP” tables (advance booking recommended)
  8. 8.Frequent Flyer Points or other Reward Partners…if you’re already a part of these programs, this is another easy way to let your customers know. Save them the hassle of searching several different sites to work out what’s on offer.
  9. 9.Takeaway Specials…when Restaurant Deals and Discounts has filled your establishment, this could be a whole new opportunity!

The great part of Restaurant Deals and Discounts is that whatever you try, you can tweak it easily depending on how successful it’s been!

Is it possible to be TOO successful?

Errrmmmm….yes! We know that’s hard to believe, but we’re pretty sure the things that make restaurants really successful will never change. Good food, great service and a comfortable seat are hard to beat. If you can offer all those, then Restaurant Deals and Discounts is simply getting your message out to a wider audience.

Our golden rule for Restaurant Deals and Discounts is simple; Improve or Remove.

You just need to stand back and observe…..

Looking at a half-empty restaurant? Improve your special!

People queued outside your door? Remove your special!

Can I use my customer email list to let people know?

Of course! We would be happy to help design an email communication you can send out informing your current database of how easy it is to use Restaurant Deals and Discounts to access your specials.

Redemption rates –what are they and how do I track them?

Well, firstly… nothing works 100%. And in the past, a 2% response rate from an ad was considered a winner.

Since customers “opt in” to Restaurant Deals and Discounts, you’ll enjoy much higher redemption rates (number of take-ups) than with expensive and wasteful mass-advertising. That’s because customers “request” to get offers when they’re in the area, and they look forward to seeing what great deals are available.

FACT: People buy, when they’re ready to buy – not necessarily when we feel like putting an offer out. So by having specials available to customers on a regular basis, and varying your “vouchers”, you’re much more likely to catch them at the right time.

FACT: You can monitor the success of your program, redemption rates, return on investment – and more with our detailed measures, tracking and reports. These are available to you 24/7.

What will my ROI (Return On Investment) be?

This is largely up to you.

Results will depend on the number of members using Restaurant Deals and Discounts, the offers, and of course… customer satisfaction with your business.

Some offers pull 10 %… others have pulled 52%. However because the cost of our program is like a “drop in the ocean” compared to other forms of advertising, “Return On Investment” is extraordinary.

How is Restaurant Deals and Discounts different to the group buying fad?

There are many restaurants currently giving large discounts with limited conditions on when the customer can use them. Group buying vouchers, shopper-dockets and coupon books have them all, and valid for 3, 6 or 12 months is normal. You have to ask yourself, do you really want five heavily discounted patrons on a Saturday night in summer?

That’s the quickest way to ruin your profit margins and potentially turn away full-paying customers.

You know from your trading history which are your off-peak periods. By offering a restaurant promotion during those quieter periods (eg. Monday lunchtime or Wednesday night) you can become very smart at marketing your restaurant discounts, and ensure that what you offer does not impact your service and profits during your peak times.

Is there a charge to change my offer?

With two great-value packages, you can choose the level of flexibility and control you want. Restaurant advertising and marketing can be expensive, but with our brilliant iphone app and easy-to-use software, you can remove a discount that is too successful, change the date or increase the offer instantly. Best of all the offers are not a hard copy printed voucher that you have to honour which means you can regularly change your restaurant promotion to ensure you get maximum value and maximum revenue when you need it most, allowing you complete control.